Jake Hobart (he/him) is a Creative Director and Graphic Designer with experience in brand and interactive experiences. He is a founder of XXIX and Design Director at Garden3D, XXIX's parent organization. He also is a founder at Index Space (formerly XXXI) and At-elier, two projects thinking about community and the modern design studio from a local and global perspective. He also ran Small Victories, a personal website builder on top of Dropbox, with Jacob and Michael.

Clients include: Google, Nike, Dropbox, IBM, Adidas, ACLU, Mirror, Air Company, MIT-IBM AI Lab, Mailchimp, Etsy, Mozilla, Stripe, Pratt Institute, Baggu, AYR, Storq, Metrograph, Grilli Type, Coffee Manufactory, Collaborative Fund, and more.

Based on the internet. Email. Twitter. Portfolio available on request. Please forgive the first person voice.