Jake Hobart (he, him) is an American graphic designer with many years of experience across strategy, brand, interactive, and product design. He is currently focusing on climate work as Design Director at Air Company a future looking company that creates product out of air.

He was formerly the co-founder of XXIX a New York based design studio. He also served as Design Director of Garden3D the parent org to XXIX. He is a co-founder of Index Space an independent digital and physical mixed-use community center. He is also co-founder of @telier a workspace exchange program for creatives. He previously helped Small Victories, a simple website builder on top of Dropbox that has been sunset.

In addition to client work he has taught at Pratt Institute in the Communication Design program and has lectured and given workshops at various places around the world. He holds a Masters in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins in London. He's currently based in the greater New York area (New Haven).